Neo-Rapid-Coach Kühbauer takes office full of zest for action

The Djuricin successor wants quick success and the support of the fans at the Hütteldorf.

Vienna (APA) – When Dietmar Kühbauer officially took office as Rapid’s new coach on Tuesday, he was full of beans. The 47-year-old wants to get the Hütteldorfer team in the Bundesliga on track quickly and hopes to close ranks with the fans. His debut will already start on Thursday with the Europa League away match against the Glasgow Rangers.

But Kühbauer’s first task will be to familiarise himself with the players. „From their personal side, because I know them footballerally,“ said the ex-team player, who led his first training with the green-whites on Tuesday afternoon in the Allianz Stadium. He said he wanted to take the pressure off the kickers, which had apparently had a restraining effect in the past weeks. „The pressure belongs away. We want to look to the future and make it much better.“

„Can’t invent a magic system“

However, Kühbauer stressed that one should not expect miracles. „I can’t go here and invent a magic system.“ As far as the system was concerned, the Burgenlander could not be determined anyway. „I’ll let the team play what they like best,“ the coach said, adding: „It’s no use if you can play three systems, but there’s no willingness to implement them.

Kühbauer promised an aggressive team. „Of course, the playing system won’t be like St. Pölten. Rapid must focus on being offensive.“ However, one must not forget the stability in the defensive, the trainer added.

Dietmar Kühbauer Honours 


SK Rapid Wien
  • Austrian Football Bundesliga: 1995–96
  • Austrian Cup: 1994–95


FC Admira Mödling
  • Austrian Football First League: 2010–11

Austrian Cup oreels

Training is attracted

There will probably be changes at least in the training intensity. „Sweating doesn’t hurt anyone, so training might be a bit more attractive,“ Kühbauer explained.

Kühbauer demands full commitment in the service of the cause not only from his players, but also from his followers. „It is unacceptable for people to start whistling after 15 minutes as they did against St. Pölten. We need their support, we need every fan. But that doesn’t mean that they should blow us icing sugar into the so-called ….“.

Kühbauer wants to arouse enthusiasm again in the appendix. „I will fool everything to make sure that the Rapidlers, who are not coming to the stadium at the moment and are dissatisfied, believe in Rapid again. Check out Oreels for more details.

Circle closes

In his presentation, Kühbauer also emphasized the connection with the Hütteldorfers, for whom he had played from 1992 to 1997. „Everyone knows my story about Rapid. I had an incredible time here as a player and made a lot of friends. The fact that the circle is now closing is an incredible story.“

While the Burgenländer won the championship (1996) and the cup (1995) with the Grün-Weißen, the West of Vienna has been waiting for a title for over ten years now. There is a chance of winning the Cup this season, but in the Bundesliga the deficit of the league eighth to Red Bull Salzburg is already 18 points. „At the moment Salzburg is above the other, but Rapid has the biggest fan base and good players. I promise that we’ll get closer.“

„The past won’t help me“

If that doesn’t succeed, it will be difficult for him, despite his standing with the Viennese. „The Rapid past will not help me if I don’t perform together with the team,“ said Goran Djuricin’s successor.

Kühbauer himself had sealed his expulsion by winning 2-0 with St. Pölten on Saturday in the Allianz Stadium. Not only Djuricin, but also the SKN, who was sensationally led to second place by Kühbauer, is suffering. As consolation, the Lower Austrians received a circulated transfer of around 400,000 euros.

He leaves his former club in good condition, says Kühbauer. „But when Rapid is just around the corner and Rapid is your dream club, you have to do it. I will definitely not lose a friend in St. Pölten„.

Already twice shortly before Rapid engagement

Hans Krankl’s advice to Sky that Kühbauer should not have accepted the Rapid offer, which was probably not meant to be taken very seriously, caused the Burgenlander to shrug his shoulders. „I think he would have accepted it, too.“

Kühbauer was already close to the rapid job twice – two years ago Damir Canadi was preferred to him, in spring 2017 Sport Managing Director Fredy Bickel decided to extend Djuricin and thus against Kühbauer. This was one of the reasons why the former ÖFB-Internationale was without a coaching job for two and a half years after his replacement at the WAC in November 2015 and before his engagement in St. Pölten in April 2018. „That was the most important time of my life. I had the opportunity to question myself.“

According to Kühbauer, Kühbauer has become calmer since then – even with regard to his children. „My daughters are 11 and 14 years old. When my dad jumps around the square like a fool, it’s not good.“

But there won’t be a completely stoic Kühbauer anyway. „The 47-year-old predicted possible reactions to controversial referee decisions, „It will probably boil sometime, too“. „I want to remain authentic, but I also know that I can no longer change certain decisions. I’ve already made a good development.“